Letter from the President

Welcome to the Lynchburg Academy of Medicine Website!

The Lynchburg Academy of Medicine is a non-profit association of physicians founded in 1893.  Throughout its 120 plus years, the Academy has supported the interests of physicians and patients in Central Virginia. The Academy’s membership currently consists of close to 350 practicing physicians in the Central Virginia area. Membership is open to all physicians practicing or living in Lynchburg, Virginia and surrounding counties.

The Academy provides both educational and social opportunities for physicians in Central Virginia to network and socialize, whether hospital employed or independent, a primary care provider or subspecialist. Through educational meetings and social gatherings for physicians and their families, the Academy serves to foster professional and social collegiality outside of our local hospital and practice settings.

Academy membership also supports efforts to promote quality medical care by being an effective advocate for the profession of medicine, physicians, and the patients of Central Virginia.  Every year the Academy elects physicians from its membership to represent our interests at the Medical Society of Virginia and the American Medical Association.

In addition to its advocacy on behalf of physicians, the Academy supports efforts to coordinate care for various patient populations in our local community. The Academy has supported the Central Virginia Vaccination Coalition, the Healthy Teen Initiative, the Adult Care Center, and Lactation Health Resources, to name only a few. The Academy has always been an advocate for the under-served in our community. Several members serve as volunteers at the Free Clinic, and the Academy office serves as a referral source for those searching for a primary care provider, an oftentimes challenging endeavor these days for individuals with or without insurance.

As a member you will receive our newsletter (published six times a year) and be invited to attend all educational and social programs at no charge. A member’s spouse is also welcome at our events for a small guest fee. Click on the Events Tab to see our upcoming programs and socials.

We hope that you will join the Academy and become an active member. To join, simply complete and return the application on the Membership Tab. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me or Jacquie Glanz, our Executive Director.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Mark D. Townsend, MD
Lynchburg Academy of Medicine
mobile: 434.401.8769
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